Cape Cod Cycling Club

New Registration System for 2017

Yes… it’s that time of year. C4 dues are for the calendar year, so we’re now accepting renewals and new members for 2017. The C4 board met on January 20th at our typical “pre-season” planning session. The decision was made to use BikeReg for our registrations this year. It gives us quite a bit more information and statistics and better allows members to manage their own memberships. In addition, BikeReg is the go-to place for finding and participating in mass-start events (races, gran fondos, etc.). While the website store and PayPal were working, there was quite a bit of back-end work to keep membership spreadsheets up-to-date, keep track of signed waivers, and other administrative tasks that are greatly streamlined by using BikeReg. To start or renew your membership for 2017, please visit:

The links on the Membership page should take you to the right place as well. There is also still a single registration item in the “store” here on the website, but that should also link you over to BikeReg and shows as a “free” item. If you have any questions, please contact us!