Cape Cod Cycling Club

Tuesday Time Trial

Tuesday Time Trial:

This is a great way to improve your fitness and increase your average speed. The course is a challenging 6.5 mile loop consisting of all right hand corners with no stops. The idea is to go as hard and fast as you safely can (given traffic and road conditions) for the entire loop. The ride starts with a group warm-up and general reconnaissance of the course. Then riders go off in a staggered start format approximately every 30 seconds. You race the clock and your best time. NOTE: This is not a closed course. Use common sense and obey speed limits and rules of the road (as on all C4 rides).

Skill Level: Beginners to Expert

Location: Craigville Beach Parking Lot for meet-up and start of warm-up

Time: 6PM

Average Pace: 18-30 mph

Average Mileage: 13 Miles (7 mile warm-up the 6.5 mile event)


Sample GPS Overview

C4 Thursday TT