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2017 Spring Update

Hi Folks,

Spring riding season is getting going and we had our first Thursday night ride of the season last night. Nine hearty souls braved a bit of a clammy, foggy ride around Hyannis, Centerville, and Osterville, but it was nice to get things rolling for the year. The Monday casual/recovery ride has been going for a couple of weeks and continues to be well-attended. Word is that the Sunday Dennis rides are going well again with BikeZone pitching in and running B and C groups regularly. Big thanks to them for offering other options!
Larry Gray Ride: This Sunday, April 30th, we’ll kick off the season for our Sunday Mashpee rides with our annual “Larry’s Ride”. Meet in the Mashpee High School parking lot and be ready to ride at 8AM. This event is always well-attended, so we’ll likely have a couple of different speed groups. We may need some sweep assistance if folks are willing to do this ride at a more “leisurely” pace. :)

Kit Update: I wish I had better news on this front, but earlier this month when it appeared we almost had everything set, our Verge rep went missing. Stephen and Aliicia have been sending a ton of emails and making phone calls (playing “good cop, bad cop”) to express our displeasure with this situation. It’s particularly frustrating as the board worked pretty hard this year to line up sponsors even earlier than normal. We will continue to provide updates as soon as we have them or when the stores pop open. We’ll probably be contacting a few other suppliers to see what our options are leading into next year or even fall kit season. While we like the quality of the Verge gear, this is the second major delay we’ve had in the last couple of seasons. As soon as the stores are open, we’ll get the word out.

Dues! Even though kits are delayed, dues are still up for renewal and follow the calendar year. To start or renew your membership for 2017, please visit:

Please also don’t be offended if you’re a member and we still ask for a waiver at a ride. Our USA Cycling insurance requires that we have physical copies of waivers. One for the season is enough. If you’ve mailed in your membership, you’re good, but those that sign up online still need to have a signature on file for 2017.

April Meeting Notes: Here are some of the hightights and still-relevant information from the April meeting if you didn’t see them on Facebook:

  • TREASURER’S REPORT – Current balance: $7525.32 ($5653.29 club, $2227.03 race). Current membership: 62 total (13 new, 33 renewal, 16 family). Majority of sponsors have provided payment. Waiver and application for membership have been updated
  • SouthCoast Bike Route/Committee – Andrew Maker continues to meet with Town Manager, Mark Ellis, to discuss this. At this point, they need to demonstrate to the Town Council what accommodations for bikers can look like. Considerations for segments of the Service Road. Unfortunately, the SouthCoast bike route has been ‘tabled’ for now, and we are working to provide an alternative proof of concept. We are likely looking at a 5-10 year time frame, and need to consider our advocacy and small steps of progress as better than nothing.
  • Rail trial update – Dennis Bridge placement planned next week. Bass River bridge will not be until later in 2017. UPDATE: Dennis bridge is IN!
  • Bike Zone – Tuesday from Hyannis; Sunday from Dennis. Multiple levels at each.
  • SeaSports –Training and Ice Cream on Wednesdays, Beginner on Friday.
  • Sarah Colvin has started a Tuesday ride on the Rail Trail in Dennis, heading eastbound.
  • Mashpee Sunday rides – need ride leaders while Mike Henley recovers. Volunteers included Kathleen, Dwight, Linda, Brian, and Andy. May have some rotation.
  • Tour de Barnstable – Sunday May 7th – this is a RIDE, not RACE
  • Bay State Bike Week 5/13-5/21. Scott to check on activities thru the Falmouth Elementary schools.
  • Tuesday Morning Hill Repeats – Scott Brown to champion these while Trish Cundiff recovers. Anticipate change to Wednesday Morning Hill Repeats. Waiting a few more weeks for a bit more light by 5:45 start time from Compass Athletics in Sandwich.

May Meeting: We’ll have our monthly meeting next week on Thursday, May 4th, hopefully following a ride. For those who haven’t noticed, the meeting spot has moved to the Portside Tavern on North Street in Hyannis. It’s a little closer to the ride meet point and folks seem to be enjoying the food and beverage selection. Meeting time will likely be closer to 7:30 or 8 due to the ride.

As always, if you have anything to bring to the club’s attention or would like to discuss any of the items listed above, please contact a board member and we’ll either discuss immediately among the board or get it on the agenda for the next meeting depending on the timing.

Happy Spring!