Cape Cod Cycling Club

Our Rides

The biking season on Cape Cod, generally speaking, runs from Mid April until Mid October. Cape Cod Cycling Club hosts a variety of group rides and events during these months.

For those new to group riding, it is important to realistically evaluate your fitness level. The use of tracking aids like speedometers, GPS cycling computers, and heart rate monitors can help.

If you are new to group riding and do not normally use tracking aids, we suggest participating in beginner or novice groups at any given ride. Once you have established your fitness level, you can move up group levels as the season progresses. It is important to note that the average ride pace can varies +/- 2-3 mph. Below is our base breakout to assist you in finding which group fits you best.

Average Paces for approximately 25 miles:

  • Elite: 20-22 mph for 25+ miles
  • Seasoned Veterans: 18-20 mph for
  • Veterans: 16-18 mph
  • Novice: 14-15 mph
  • Beginners: 12-14 mph

We strongly urge you to review the course info for any ride you are considering.